Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

1 John 4:18a
10th Annual Beth Zion Women’s Retreat
February 7-9, 2014

Event Overview

Each year, Beth Zion oversees and coordinates the annual women's retreat for Messianic women from all over the country to come together for worship, prayer, and teaching. February 2013 was Beth Zion's 9th annual retreat and one of the most successful! Every year a Scriptural topic and theme is the focus for the weekend. All topics are Messiah-centered and we believe that God has something very special for each and every person.

Every year the retreat has been held at the Tuscarora Inn & Conference Center, 3300 River Road, Mt. Bethel Pennsylvania, located right on the Delaware River. It makes for a beautiful and peaceful setting. All festivities are held in the auditorium and surrounding rooms.

The weekend is filled with powerful teaching and testimonies, panel discussions and Q & A's. There is plenty of time for fellowship and fun in between programs which include food, dance workshops, painting classes, young adult activities, group discussions, prayer groups and the marketplace. The most important and probably the biggest blessing is the Yeshua-focused Messianic Jewish worship with joyous dancing and singing. Spiritually blessed musicians, singers and performers share their talents on the auditorium stage lifting up Mashiach with the power and glory He so rightly deserves.

Women's Retreat Marketplace

If you are attending the women's retreat and are an artist or crafter whose work centers on Messianic and Judaic themes we would love to save a place for you. All arts and crafts will be welcomed including your own music, painting, writing, sewing, jewelry, needlework and more!

This is an opportunity for you to make extra income for yourself and your synagogue, and is also a great way to share your talent and faith with others.

If you are interested, please contact Grace Hudecek with a description or photos of your work at:
PLEASE NOTE: All items for sale must be handmade by the seller or family and must center on Messianic and Judaic themes. If what you are selling does not meet these requirements please do not request a table. A processing fee of 10% of your sales will go to the Beth Zion Building Fund.


It takes many people to bring the vision of this retreat to a reality every year. Ladies from numerous congregations join in to help with a variety of activities, such as carpooling with attendees who may not have a way to reach the Tuscarora Inn, greeting visitors at the event and even photography.